Sunset Over Appalatcia Mountains @ Locky Nimick

Sunset Over Appalatcia Mountains @ Locky Nimick

Our Mission

The mission of the Nimick Forbesway Foundation is to better the human condition in the fields of religion, education, healthcare, the arts and the environment, in a manner consistent with the philanthropic principles of two progenitors of the Nimick Family: Thomas Marshall Howe and Charles Lockhart.

Who We Are

The Nimick Forbesway Foundation was founded in 1989 by Thomas Marshall Howe Nimick, Jr. and is dedicated to the memory of Thomas Marshall Howe (1808-1877) and Charles Lockhart (1857-1923), both forebears of the Nimick Family who were deeply admired by Mr. Nimick for their values, leadership, accomplishments, and philanthropy. Mr. Nimick’s hope for the Foundation was that future generations would preserve the values of their ancestors and continue the tradition of philanthropy for the betterment of the human condition. 

What We Contribute To

Our Foundation contributes to areas of need such as education, healthcare, the environment, the arts, emergency relief, community development, social change, literacy, preservation and clean water.


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