Current Trustees

Chairman / Washington, D.C.

Charles "Locky" Nimick


Locky lives in the Washington D.C. area and works in the immigration sector. He enjoys art, biking, and photography – some of his photos have been used by our grantees in their publications. Locky is very involved with grantees local to him and in the Pittsburgh region and has attended numerous site visits to see firsthand the work we fund or may have the opportunity to fund in the future. Locky places particular emphasis on the Foundation’s mission of education and the arts with projects that promote enhanced opportunities for women and children that can better the circumstances of future generations.

Vice-Chair / Madison, WI

Victoria "Vikki" Nimick Enright

Vikki and her husband Tim live in Madison, Wisconsin along with their teenage daughter and enjoy volunteering and supporting organizations both in their local area and throughout the U.S. Vikki worked for many years in the public sector and is now running her own company, Nimick Enright Consulting, while helping to support the operations of a local church and food-pantry. When Vikki isn't working or volunteering she frequents the museums, libraries and organizations that we actively support.

Director/ Pittsburgh, PA

Cathleen "Kit" Lockhart Nimick

Kit lives in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and enjoys being involved with many organizations in the region as well as taking a key role in the design and development of The Nimick Family Therapeutic Garden at The Children’s Institute. Kit enjoys spending time with her two adult children, Will and Natalie, both of whom are our foundation’s most recent board members. Kit was also integral in our support for Aspinwall Riverfront Park and believed in the vision and importance of preserving that space for future generations and protecting the property from development.

Trustee/ New York, NY

William C. Austin

Will Austin is a trustee and a third-generation descendant of Mr. Nimick who founded our foundation. Will lives in Boston and works for a leading provider of integrated financial service solutions and enjoys traveling, attending concerts and meeting our grantees. Will has been an integral part of our funding initiatives over the past four years helping to bring to fruition many new projects and initiatives. Will continues to provide wonderful insight and ideas and has worked hard to impact local communities.

Trustee / Pittsburgh, PA

Natalie L. Austin

Natalie is our newest third-generation trustee. Natalie lives in Pittsburgh and is a teacher who enjoys being active in our community and volunteering her time. Natalie has focused her initial projects on early childhood education, intervention and helping to ensure that every child in our community has the opportunity to attend our best schools by helping to promote scholarships for families who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford tuition.

Trustee, Attorney / Pittsburgh, PA

Kimberly H. Tilghman, Esq.

Kim and her husband, Lee, live in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA along with their children.  Kim is an Estates and Trusts attorney and enjoys spending her free time with her family and playing golf.  In addition to the Nimick Forbesway Foundation, Kim is an active member of the board of her children's school and is passionate about the Foundation's mission of education.  As the newest member of the Board of Trustees, Kim says she “looks forward to supporting the Foundation's honorable mission and its outstanding grant recipients”.