What does the Nimick Forbesway Foundation do?

Our Foundation's Mission is to contribute in all ways possible to the betterment of the human condition in the fields of religion, education, healthcare, the arts and the environment. Visit the "Our Grantees" page for more information about the organizations we support and the geographic areas we serve.

Who is eligible for funding?

Eligible applications are 501(c)(3) organizations whose programs and initiatives help to further our Foundation's Mission and whose services benefit individuals and organizations identified within our Foundation's priority funding areas.

Who is not eligible for funding?

Our Foundation does not grant to individuals, political, fraternal, and/or civic organizations, or other foundations. 

How do we begin the process of submitting a Grant Application?

The first step is the fill out our Letter of Inquiry form. You will receive an e-mail notifying you that we received your LOI and it typically takes less than 6 weeks to process the request. If we feel that your organization's programs or initiatives are a good fit with our Mission we will invite you to submit a full Grant Applicaion which is also an electronic form.

What kind of publicity does the Foundation seek for its grants?

The Foundation does not typically seek recognition for its philanthropic activities. However, we recognize the value a grantee organization may find in leveraging its foundation funding to demonstrate support for its programs and attract additional resources. The Nimick Forbesway Foundation requests the right to approve all public uses of its name.

Does your Foundation award multi-year grants?

The Foundation has made several multi-year grants and those grants are decided on a case-by-case basis. Grant applicants may apply for additional grants each year if a multi-year request isn't granted and each request will be considered independently.

How do you handle site-visits?

If our Missions and geographic interests align we are happy to schedule a visit to your location and to meet with staff and see your work first-hand. Contact our Executive Director, Hayley Little, for more information.