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Restoring the Garth at Washington Natl. Cathedral

We are very proud to be a part of the restoration and repair of the Cathedral and Garth. This peaceful area has served the worshipers of the Cathedral as a place for reflection and meditation and we're very excited to help to provide this service back to the community.

Nimick Forbesway Foundation Rain Garden at the Carnegie Science Center

We are very proud to announce our recent gift to the Carnegie Science Center in support of their Spark! Campaign.

Our grant will be used to provide an esthetically pleasing landscape while helping to curb the structure's rainwater runoff from reaching our rivers. The area will be full of native plantings and trees for shade as well as educational activites for children.


Fort LigonieR, Ligonier, Pennsylvania

In 2017 our Foundation awarded a multi-year grant to Fort Ligonier in support of the Fortifying our Future Campaign and specifically supporting the new Washington Gallery

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